Genderly Speaking – A Podcast

When you tune into this project proposal for Genderly Speaking, you will realise that it aims to address the fact that though there are many mainstream mediums of communication in India, there is a lack of accessible platforms that give space to diverse voices around gender. The gender gap is massive, and so is the gap in its coverage in the media.

The main goal behind Genderly Speaking is to provide a safe space for everyday stories and experiences around gender. This would be that sonic space where people can freely talk, ask questions, and openly discuss crucial gender issues. The tool for this would be conversations. Conversations with experts and laypersons alike. The content would focus on the complexities of gender identity, expression, and roles and explore their intersection with race, class, disability, sexuality, and other angles. The podcast will also explore current affairs around gender through cultural, social, and religious lenses. By exploring the many complexities of gender thoughtfully and inclusively, Genderly Speaking will help to promote greater acceptance, understanding, and equality for all.

Ten seasons of Genderly Speaking are planned and proposed in this document. The first season, which is already recorded, is titled ‘Around the Globe,’ where gender advocates from different countries talk about their experiences through a gendered lens. In order to provide a quick preview and showcase the production value, audio material like theme music, underlay (the music that goes under the conversation as a base), podcast promo, and final produced podcasts are attached. Each section in the proposal also has an audio summary to ensure the accessibility of the document itself.

The proposal will answer any doubts you may have about the theory and practice of gender podcasts.

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